Affordable Ethical Healthcare

Solidarity HealthShare is a faith-based, healthcare sharing ministry where Members become part of a caring, praying community that doesn’t compromise their values and have access to comprehensive, top-quality healthcare at far lower costs than conventional health insurance.

Launched publicly as Solidarity HealthShare in 2016, our ministry has served over 45,000 members and growing.  As of 2022, Solidarity’s members have successfully shared over $120 million, repriced from a total of over $300 million in medical expenses. To further accelerate our plan and address the long-term vision explained herein, Solidarity Foundation has been established to help provide the funding needed for our ambitious but much needed initiatives that will improve the overall member experience.

In addition to providing an affordable way for our members to pay for healthcare costs, we are focused on the long-term needs of the healthcare industry, supporting an ethically trained group of doctors, and building a community of collaborating care facilities for these doctors to offer such care in.

Every dollar you give is an investment in life-affirming healthcare.