Who we are

Building Hope and a Healthy Community
The Solidarity Foundation proudly serves as the link between faith-based communities in need and the supporting healthcare community. We work to advance ethical, health and wellness programs for individuals and families in need of assistance.
Solidarity’s mission started in 2016 and to date has served nearly 50,000 faith-based individuals seeking better, more ethical healthcare at significantly lower costs than they were paying through traditional healthcare providers. Today, Solidarity HealthShare has expanded the types of care and services it now provides across the United States.

Your donations in support of the Solidarity Foundation will be a source of strength for patients, healthcare workers, and the greater community. Donations will help to support affordable, ethical healthcare, more ethically trained medical professionals, and increased access to ethical medical clinics.

Together, we can make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of faith-based communities who need our support.

Every dollar you give is an investment in life-affirming healthcare.