Building the Future of Faith-Based Healthcare

The Solidarity Foundation exists to further the mission of Solidarity HealthShare, to provide faith-based healthcare sharing that doesn’t compromise Members’ values, and to support longer range initiatives with our unique approach to ethical healthcare.

Leaders in providing innovative, faith-based, life-affirming
healthcare solutions

Together with Solidarity HealthShare – a proven and fiscally sound healthcare sharing ministry – Solidarity Foundation exists to address a more robust long-term vision. We emphasize delivering higher quality care at far lower costs; provided by ethical healthcare professionals and organized to better serve faith-based communities.

The Faith-based community needs your help


Affordable Ethical Healthcare

Faith-based families across the U.S. are now eligible to receive better, more affordable healthcare.

Life Affirming Healthcare Clinics

A model for the establishment and growth of an ecosystem of ethical healthcare clinics.


Sound ethical formation of medical students and professionals.

Help Us Accomplish More Good

Your support for the Solidarity Foundation is a very specific investment in an innovative, proven, and visionary organization that seeks to address one of the most pressing needs of our time – and completely in line with our Faith. Your donation will be applied to the immediate needs of the healthshare ministry, our education program, and the infrastructure to establish our network of clinics.

Every dollar you give is an investment in life-affirming healthcare.